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      2. Automated logistics system integration

                Automated logistics system integration is the core business of VSTRONG Technology. The specific contents included planning and design (standardization of project research and high-level interviews, data analysis and confirmation, conceptual scheme design, detailed scheme design, formula expert argumentation); System selection (logistics system splitting, potential supplier inspection, logistics system selection technical support, logistics system technology agreement audit); Project implementation (logistics system construction drawing refinement, logistics equipment production supervision, logistics equipment on-site installation and commissioning, software requirements analysis, software system preparation, software system on-site deployment, system joint debugging, simulation online test, system initial acceptance); The project is completed (project relocation plan, project relocation experiment, project trial operation, final project acceptance).

        Planning and Design

        Project research and high-level interviews

        Data analysis and validation

        Conceptual program design

        Detailed design

        Formula expert argumentation

        System Selection

        Logistics System Split

        Potential Supplier Inspection

        Logistics System Selection Technical Support

        Logistics System Technology Agreement Audit

        Project Implementation

        Logistics system construction drawing refinement

        Logistics equipment production supervision

        On-site installation and commissioning of logistics equipment

        Software requirements analysis

        Software system development

        Software system on-site deployment

        System joint debugging

        Analog online test

        System initial acceptance

        Project Completion

        Project relocation plan

        Project relocation experiment

        Project trial run

        Final acceptance of the project

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